He prince harry has brought to light unpublished details about his relationship with Camilla Parker in his book of revelationsSpare”. In the book, Harry has talked about his relationship with the man’s wife. King Charles III After her mother’s death, the Princess Dianaand has revealed a new version of it.

The publication of this book has been cause for concern for the King Charles III, who feared that Harry would attack Camilla in her revelations. However the prince harry He has been very direct and has recounted some episodes of his life where he reveals Camilla Parker as a stepmother.

Harry has confessed that his relationship with Camilla was painful at first due to the suffering she had caused him. Lady Di, because he believes that she is to blame for the death of his mother. However, over time, the prince realized the happiness that Camilla brought to her father, which allowed him to know her in a different way.

In his book, the prince harry it has also highlighted Camilla’s work in helping victims of domestic violence, suggesting that the old grudges between the two have been diminishing.

However, the prince has also been very candid in his account of the dark strategies Camilla used to clean up her image after the death of the Princess Diana.

Despite Prince Harry’s candor, many royal experts believe that such revelations could upset the British royal family and possibly prevent Harry and Meghan from attending King Charles III’s coronation on May 6.