The prince harry Y Duke from Sussex, continues to give a lot to talk about on social networks, and it is that after the premiere of his memoir ‘Spare’, his name rumbles loudly among the media. But one day before the premiere of her book, she conducted a controversial interview in which he attacked her stepmother, the queen consort. Camilla Parker.

In the midst of promoting his memoir, Prince Harry conducted an interview for the prestigious television network CBS, specifically in the program 60 minutes, where he stated that Camilla Parker is a “dangerous” woman.

the husband of Meghan Markle accused Camilla of being one of the people responsible for leaking stories about the royal family to the British media, as part of his campaign to “rehabilitate” his image and thus gain some respect among the English public.

The youngest son of the deceased Princess Diana He assured that Camilla is “dangerous” because the press had classified her as a “villain” for her role in the collapse of her parents’ marriage and she needed to “rehabilitate her image” at any cost.

And when he talks about filtering stories, he refers to controversies outside his image, that affect or focus on other members of the royalty and not in it, in order to divert the bad attention it received for so long in the media.

“That made her dangerous because of the connections she was forging within the British press. And there was an open will on both sides to exchange information. And with a family based on the hierarchy, and with her, on her way to becoming queen consort, she would have been affected by that,” the prince said. Harry in his interview.

And you, do you think Camilla Parker is she a villain?