Thanks to the forceful declarations of the Prince Harry, his book quickly positioned him in all international trends, and although no one has come forward to contradict his words and everything seems to be fine, there are some issues that the The prince he did not think and what could they do lose your US visacountry where he currently lives with his wife Meghan Markle and his sons.

It is expected that the prince harry Have a plan to avoid having your residence revoked in the North American country, or else you will have to find another place to live with your family.

the memories of prince harry will be officially published on January 10, but a leak of the book to some international media, who have revealed some of the statements to international media. In the letter, he revealed his background, the problems he faced in the royal family and how difficult it was to fight against the British Crown.

I also take this opportunity to talk about his adolescence, first love, successes and mistakes, the latter being the reasons why he may lose his US visa.

The prince harry has revealed that he used drugs such as cocaine, marijuana and other types of hallucinogens in his youth, which could affect the renewal of his US visa, which allows him to live in the country, that is because, according to experts consulted by the “Daily Mail«When you apply for the visa they ask you if you have consumed illegal substances, and if you lie, you could have problems renewing your document.

Some also confirmed that he was likely honest with US authorities and promised they would proceed with caution, however what actually happened is not known.

Something that is also not clear is the type of visa you have, since it could be a spousal visa due to the fact that Meghan Markle You are a US resident or you may have a 0-1 visa, which is granted to celebrities or athletes.

In case you have the second one, you have to renew it every 3 years and move there in 2020, this 2023 will be the year you have to renew it, so now it’s just a matter of waiting and seeing how you handle the matter after disclosing your drug use .