The prince harry is still in the eye of the storm, and there are signs that things will continue to be on the front pages of the international media for a long time thanks to the release of his new book, «Spare«. Well, Prince Harry has kept nothing to himself and revealed the deepest secrets and intimacies in his life and his royal family.

In that context, the prince harry he assured the international media in an interview that he does not want the story of his mother to be repeated, the Princess Diana, and in the same report he took the opportunity to look at and attack the media, blaming them for the accident that the Princess of Wales had.

The prince harry He has always been very clear that he wants to avoid repeating the history of his mother, Princess Diana. In an interview, she spoke about how the British media, especially the tabloids, created conflict in her life and her family’s.

The saddest thing is that some members of my family and those who work for them are complicit in this conflict.

Prince Harry also accused a “royal source” of leaking information to the media to create stories. Although he did not specify who the source was, he said that he was not an unknown person, it was the palace that specifically informed the press, but covered his tracks by not being identified.

The Prince Harry revelations have grown increasingly darker, attracting supporters but also critics. The reality is that once the public has read “Spare«, the public will be able to decide whether to believe the Duke of Sussex or the British Royal Family.