The British Royal Family has revealed a new rule that its members must follow on all their trips, especially the prince harry and the prince william. This is a security measure that seeks to protect the succession of the British crown in case of any unforeseen event. According to this rule, two heirs to the crown are not allowed to travel together on the same flight.

This measure has been taken in consideration of the possible risk involved in having two heirs together on the same flight. If an accident were to occur, the loss of prince harry and of the prince williamtwo heirs to the throne, would be catastrophic for the British monarchy.

This new rule adds to the long list of protocols and security measures that members of the British Royal Family must follow on their trips. It is already known that they must carry a complete safety kit, which includes everything from first aid kits to food and drink supplies for emergencies.

Likewise, members of the British royalty must maintain impeccable conduct and always be attentive to the protocols of the countries they visit. In some cases, they even have to receive special training to know how to behave in risky or emergency situations.

Security is a priority for the British Royal Family on all their travels. With the new rule that prohibits two heirs to the crown from traveling together on the same flight, it seeks to safeguard the succession of the British crown and guarantee the continuity of the monarchy.