The dark secrets that the prince harry told of the royal family and his brother the Prince William, They are going around the world because of how controversial they are. His statements in the book ‘Spire’ They have remembered the moment in which the children of Princess Diana had a meeting of blows because of Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex together with Harry, and they have no doubt confirmed that the brothers don’t really get along at all.

The premiere of Prince Harry’s memoir will be tomorrow, but before its premiere, it has already been possible to access several written texts in which he openly attacks his family, the British royal family.

The Duke of Sussex has narrated the uncomfortable moment that he lived with his older brother the Prince of Wales. The reasons? The opinion that William had towards his sister-in-law, which did not make Harry happy at all.

“Difficult, rude and abrasive”, were the words that Prince William said against Meghan Markle and that supposedly started a physical attack between the two brothers.

Harry accused his brother William in his book of physically assaulting him, according to what the British newspaper reported Guardian in his most recent update of what to expect in the Prince’s memoir.

‘Spire’ It already aims to become one of the best-selling and most successful books of the year, but it could also become the most controversial and mediatic, since the accusations within it have the British monarchy between a rock and a hard place.

Despite what is already coming with the book of memories, the relationship between the Prince Harry and the prince William it has been wrong for a long time, so these events would only worsen the sibling love that could continue to exist between them.