Recently, it has been confirmed that the prince harry and his brother the prince william apparently they don’t want Queen Consort Camilla Parker at the coronation of her father, King Charles III.

As the British people and the most important international media are aware, the next May 6th the coronation of the King Charles IIIex-husband of Princess Diana, and the woman who is currently his wife, the queen consort Camilla Parker.

An act that will surely remain in the history of royalty, because after almost 70 years, there will be a coronation again in the westminster abbeywhere the two will be surrounded by the most important celebrities in the world, and their family members of royalty.

However, those who don’t like that the next queen consort is Camilla Parker It is Prince Harry and Prince William, because since they found out about their betrayal of their mother, they have never seen her as a “good woman.”

Even Prince William recently announced that he did not agree with the mandates, and the organization of the coronation event that the queen was carrying out, this because he wanted to stain the good name that it took him so long to achieve the Queen isabel II.

In addition to this, it is known that Prince Harry has never managed to get attached to the woman, whom he refers to as the “wicked stepmother«, much less has he shown to be happy with the news of his coronation.