the history of The prince Harry Y Meghan Markle It has been very controversial from the beginning. Even according to the couple, the royal family does not fully approve of the union. When Prince Harry decided to marry Meghan, they had to seek the approval of the Queen Isabel IIwho approved the wedding in a very bad way.

It is known that while the wedding was being organized, the royal couple decided not to waste time, as the two appeared before the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, where thanks to him they carried out a small ceremony in total secrecy. According to Meghan, this small and secret ceremony would have been the real wedding.

But when Meghan’s statement came to light, the archbishop himself stepped forward to deny it. He said that although there was a private ceremony, the official and legal marriage was the one that was televised. However, this was not the only time the archbishop was seen with the couple, as he also attended the christening of the son of the Dukes of Sussex, Archie.

Meghan Markle and the prince harry they would currently be going through a difficult situation due to the publication of the prince’s autobiography, Spare, which puts the entire royal family in a rather difficult situation. According to the book, there are a significant number of stories involving his family, leaving them as the true villains in the reveals.

Some of the issues had even been addressed in the couple’s documentary series. The former actress also said that she was abused and insulted by her husband’s family from the moment she walked through the palace gates. Theme that the Prince also mentions in his book.