British families were again mentioned, but this time it was for the Prince Harry, the son of the very current king of england, King Charles III.

The series premiere in Netflix about the history of prince harry Y Meghan Markle has upset the entire British family over the material found in it, which gives them all the more reason to remain estranged from Harry Y meghan.

Now it has also transpired that, with the exception of the Queen isabel II, the rest of the royal family has refused to receive phone calls in recent months from the Duke of Sussex, apparently, nor the King Charles III nor his eldest son Guillermo accepted calls from Harry for fear that more things would leak for the series of Netflix.

But that’s not all, it turns out that the financial situation of Harry is not as good as everyone thinks, since by some statements the Duke of Sussex I needed moneydue to the fact that he called his father over and over again with the intention of asking for money, without getting an answer, so Harry tried to speak through his grandmother, the Queen isabel II, before she died.

The Queen told her to call her father, the King Charles III and that was when Harry told him that he did not answer her calls, the Queen decided to talk to her son, to which he replied “I am not a bank”.

This increased their distrust, since the prince harry it revealed family, personal and private matters, which made the King less interested in talking to his son, there are also many problems between the current king and his wife, Stretcher, versus Harry, because you can see images of the funeral of the Queen isabel II in images published in the series of Netflix.

The royal couple felt it was rude and unseemly to use the photos for their own purposes, especially when they made an exception and treated them lovingly so that both Meghan and Harry could say goodbye to the late monarch, which is why it is said that Charles III Y Stretcher they are more than upset by the situation, they are frustrated, tired and angry.

If what was said were true, Harry I wouldn’t be so well financiallyafter the youngest son of Lady Di abandon England, the economy of the prince harry Y Meghan Markle it was more difficult because no longer a salary or hospitality as a member of the royal family.