A few weeks after the death of the Queen Isabelthe royal family could be affected again if the prince harry Y Meghan Markle tell the whole truth Netflixas they assure it.

Before the scheduled time to come to light the controversial biography of the youngest son of the king charles, Enrique (Harry in English)where he attacks the institution, another problem arises for the King, as he has made public in the tabloid the sun, Netflix already has an early date for the premiere of the series of the Dukes of Sussex and it would be out much sooner than expected.

Prince Enrique He wanted to delay the premiere of the series as it might, since great expectations have been generated since the collaboration between the prince, his wife and the company was announced.

All this would occur because the dukes were wanting to make some changes in the series, since apparently they want to tell the whole truth, something that of course would open new wars between Buckingham and the Dukes of Sussex, this due to the false news that according to Markle the palace would have been doing about them.

Although there is still no official announcement from the company Netflix, this seems to be sooner rather than later.