As reported in various media, the prince harry and his wife, the American actress Meghan Markle, they would be announcing their new pregnancy tomorrow, precisely in their celebration of the day of Valentine’s Day and in the midst of all the controversy that has caused the accusations that they have made against the Royal family.

The Dukes of Sussex They would be looking forward to tomorrow, as various British media have claimed that the couple chose Valentine’s Day to announce their third pregnancy.

While the prince william and Kate Middleton are in rumors of marital crisis, Harry and Meghan further strengthen their family bond and want to continue expanding their family.

The Princess Diana, Mother of the Duke of Sussex, chose Valentine’s Day to announce her two pregnancies, so Harry would have been the one who made the decision to choose this day to announce the arrival of his third child.

Although the media circle that has caused the accusations that both have made against the british monarchy is heavier, the possible announcement of her new pregnancy could somewhat pacify the tense situation that both poles are experiencing.

And you, do you expect him to prince harry and Meghan Markle announce your third pregnancy tomorrow?