the memories of prince harry are officially released, and there is no doubt that his writings are directly related to his private and family life. Among the topics he decided to talk about, he couldn’t help but mention his relationship with his brother. William and his sister-in-law kate middleton with whom he has anecdotes that when he visited them, he was ashamed of where he lived with Meghan Markle. As reported in the bookSpareThe two couples have very different lifestyles.

In the Netflix series «harry and meghan“, which was released in December, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex revealed how their royal lifestyle compared to that of other royals, plus when they left the British royal family, they had to constantly change places of residence to avoid the attacks of the paparazzi. The places where they have been cannot be compared to the luxury in which the prince william and Kate Middleton, and of course Harry also commented on this in his book.

In his memoirs, the prince harry remember the time you visited William Y Kate Middleton in the recently renovated Kensington Palace. He revealed that he felt ashamed of the way he and Meghan Markle they lived, since their house in Nottingham it was the complete opposite.

The prince harry said that the house of Prince of Wales was “like a museum«. While he and his wife had a modest cabin, which they furnished themselves.

In the book he writes:

We were embarrassed by our used lamps and armchairs that we bought with Meghan’s credit card.

Currently, the couple lives in the United States and, although their lifestyle is not fully known, it is believed that it has improved a lot.