He The prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, they would be quite upset after the heavy joke that the adult animated series South Park make a chapter where they are dedicated to making fun of the Dukes of Sussex. But now, there is a rumor that the couple would be taking legal action in the matter.

In the chapter titled “The World Privacy Tour” (“The world tour of privacy”, in Spanish), which was released last week, the South Park series shamelessly mocked the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, going so far as to deal with the issue of privacy that both former members of the family British royal requested and the reason why they left the United Kingdom.

Following this controversial episode, a source close to Harry and Meghan told this week The Spectator that the Duchess of Sussex was “upset and overwhelmed” by the mockery shown in the episode and that has generated all kinds of comments on social networks.

In addition to that, it had been said that the Dukes would be taking legal action against the popular series for adults. However, this was later denied by another source close to the marriage.

“Frankly, it’s all nonsense. Totally unfounded and boring reports,” the newspaper stated. The Independent.

The newspaper assured that neither the prince harry neither Meghan Markle are considering filing legal action against Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who according to the same medium, so far have not received notifications in this regard.