The loss of popularity of prince harry and Meghan Markle It has been a recurring theme in recent months. According to a recent company survey Redfield & Wilton, only 26% of the people surveyed have a good image of Harry. This result is a marked change from the survey conducted in December last year, when Meghan had +23 positivity and Harry +38.

The reason behind this loss of popularity is due to the constant attacks that the Dukes of Sussex have carried out against the British Crown. The docuseries «harry and meghan» and the book «Spare»have been two of the most controversial publications, in which the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have spoken publicly about the bad times they have experienced and the most private details of their lives and their families.

On top of this, Harry and Meghan have been banned from many high-profile social events, where they used to be panelists. However, the Dukes of Sussex they continue to be active in charities, helping children in vulnerable situations.

The loss of popularity of prince harry and Meghan Markle it has been the result of his constant attacks on the royal family and his public posts about his private life. Despite this, they continue to actively participate in charities to help those who need it most, thus seeking to improve their image and popularity with the public.