He prince harry and Meghan Markle surprised everyone by taking it easy and having fun at a private nightclub in Los Angeles after the King Charles III evict them from their residence in London. The fact generated a lot of criticism, mainly because there are only a few weeks left for the coronation of the new British kings.

Despite the king’s decision, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided not to conflict with the royal family and preferred to take time off to enjoy with their closest friends. The North American media captured the couple entering a private nightclub, showing that the news did not affect them in the least.

The British press has speculated about the monarch’s decision to evict the prince harry and Meghan Markle of residence in London. It is believed that it could be related to a type of warning to the Dukes of Sussex or even to the refusal of the King Charles III and Camilla Parker that the dukes are present at his coronation.

However, the couple’s attitude seems to be one of not giving importance to the situation. In fact, another controversial detail that was leaked to the press is that the Dukes of Sussex will have to remove their belongings immediately, since the mansion will be used by another member of the Royal Family, in this case, it is said to be the Prince Andrew.