Since the release of the first three episodes of the documentary series of the prince harry and his wife Meghan Markle about their love story and the reasons why they decided to leave the British royal family and since then they have been the subject of much criticism.

But without a doubt one of the biggest criticisms came from the media, who accused the duke and the duchess of Sussex to use his drama to make money.

This week, a representative for the couple clarified on behalf of the leads that they never said privacy was one of the reasons for their decision to distance themselves from the royal family, as has been reported by many media outlets.

In the first episode of the documentary, the The prince Harry Y Meghan Markle, they reflect on their origins, how they disguised themselves to go unnoticed or the first death threats against the duchess, in addition, never-before-seen photos of their son had emerged Archie.

The new documentary series has been seen by 2.4 million viewers in the UK alone on its premiere day, according to figures cited by the BBC, Many criticized the couple as they had previously complained bitterly about media intrusion into their personal lives, however a statement issued by the couple’s press secretary denied these claims.

The Duke and Duchess have never used privacy as a reason to step back, this distorted narrative designed to silence the couple.

they chose to share their story as they did, but the newspapers created a completely false narrative, which permeates news coverage and public opinion.

The statement emphasized that neither Harry neither Meghan spoke about privacy when they stepped down from their royal duties in January 2020, expressing their desire to continue their public roles and responsibilities.