He prince harry and his wife Meghan Markle, they would be abandoning the USA heading to United Kingdom. This has been announced by a commentator who has stated that the marriage is not having a good time in North American territory.

According to the channel Youtube Blackbeltbarrister, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex would be moving back to the United Kingdom with their two children. What is not known is if they will Buckingham Palace with the British royal family.

The youngest son of the deceased Princess Diana He has had quite a controversial few weeks, and it is that since he released his memoir ‘Spare’, the harsh criticism and accusations towards his family have allowed him to enter a rather dangerous media circle.

The accusations of Harry and Meghan are based on the mistreatment the former American actress reportedly received while living with British royals. According to what they revealed, they suffered various derogatory comments that were mostly focused on their ancestry. african american from Meghan.

Apart from that, Prince Harry does not have a good relationship with his older brother, the Prince William, who has even dared to make fun of the loss of hair that he suffers and to question the way in which he raises his three children together with Kate Middleton.

yes the Dukes of Sussex were they to return to the United Kingdom, the controversy between them and the crown would increase to quite dangerous levels, since there has been talk of a possible definitive expulsion of royalty.

Meanwhile, all that remains is to wait and see what will happen in the coming months, especially with the forthcoming official coronation of Charles III how the new King of the United Kingdom.

And you, do you think Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will reconcile with the British royal family?