He prince harry and his wife, the former actress Meghan Markle, have earned great rejection from the public of the USA, country where they currently reside since 2022. The level of rejection is so great that the couple would be choosing to go back to England.

It is no secret to anyone that Dukes of Sussex They are very aware that their image has been damaged based on the accusations that both have made against the British royal family, in the last three years.

The couple has not given their arm to twist, so they have chosen to give interviews where they have revealed numerous details of what happens behind closed doors in the monarchy british.

Prince Harry, youngest son of King Carlos III, he has surpassed the level and has also talked about his experiences in his memoir ‘Spare’, The same one that has broken sales records around the world and where he details what he has experienced with his older brother, the Prince William, and how difficult the death of his mother, the iconic Princess Diana.

However, daring to speak out is taking its toll on them, as their rejection in the United States increases daily. Most celebrities do not want to be associated with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, as some argue that this would not be convenient based on the problems they have with the Buckingham Palace.

According to a survey that was carried out on December 5 of last year 2022 by the company Redfield & Wilton, Prince Harry had a positive audience rating of +38 and Meghan had a rating of +23, this before Harry’s autobiography was released worldwide.

And now, two months after the survey was conducted, the numbers have dropped to a worrying level. Harry He posted -7 and Meghan, -13, something that various media have tried to explain.

According to reports, the public would be tired of the media circle that harry and meghan they would have done to attack British royalty. Much of the american public it no longer takes into account the facets of the monarchy as a method of common or political interest. So supporting exiled members of the royal family is not something that is essential for them.