After the return of prince harry of his father’s coronation King Charles IIIThe Duke and Duchess of Sussex have had a very tight schedule, since they have been seen going to appointments, social events and even award ceremonies that unfortunately had a very hectic and worrying end.

a few days ago Meghan Markle was awarded the prize of “women of vision”, recognition given for her great work and help to women around the world, in these awards the Duchess was accompanied by her husband and her mother doria garland who is accompanied her very happily throughout the gala.

However, when going to their lodging place after the award ceremony, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and her mother found themselves involved in a dangerous chase organized by many aggressive paparazzi, in search of photographs for their front pages. Although the dukes described this bad experience as a catastrophevarious media are engaged in saying that this persecution was a simple setup carried out by the dukes and public relations of the city of New York.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle criticized and denied this type of report that they describe the persecution as if it were a simple cheap trick, since with its history with the royal family and the great fame that it has acquired with the launch of its book and the miniseries of Netflixis so popular that it is not necessary to enter into this type of action in order to attract the attention of the world media and the royal family.