The most talked about royal couple is undoubtedly Meghan Markle and the prince harrythis due to his documentary «harry and meghan» premiered on the Netflix Streaming platform, in which they publicly revealed the secrets of the royal family.

Now, the couple is once again in the spotlight of the media thanks to some exclusive statements from sources close to the British royal family, which confirm that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry could be having problems and that they would be close to a possible separation.

The rumors about the break between Meghan and Harry gained even more strength because it is said that Markle’s attitude is something that the prince is not liking, and Harry has made it clear to him on several occasions, one of them was after she refused to accept the invitation King Charles III In Christmas.

We well know that Meghan and Harry have distanced themselves from the royal family, so Harry’s little relationship with his father is growing more distant every day, and it is believed that it will be worse due to the revelations of the Duke of Sussex in his book “Spare«.

Now, new scandals surround Meghan Markle and Harry, since a relative of the deceased Queen isabel II He said before the royal marriage, in 2018, that the Duke of Sussex’s marriage would end in tears.

The woman you are forecasting is susan hussey83 years old, bridesmaid of the Queen isabel II until last year, and she is said to have told Queen Elizabeth II that Meghan and Harry will not be together for long, so their marriage will end in sadness and divorce.

In light of the comment, social media and various international news outlets compared the claims to recent divorce rumors, as people close to Prince Harry claimed that Meghan Markle would have him on her toes.