The real reason why the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the prince harry and Meghan Markleare more popular in the United States than in the United Kingdom.

The Dukes of Sussex For some years they have been a very controversial couple, since together they have generated that the popularity of the British royal family is on the ground. After the publication of the book of memoirs “Spare” and the miniseries of NetflixPrince Harry and Meghan Markle expressed in both projects about the mistreatment and events by members of the royal family, for which today it has caused the couple of dukes to be called enemies of the British royal house.

On the other hand, due to all the secrets revealed by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, both in their book and in their miniseries on Netflix, the couple who currently reside in Montecito has become very popular all over the world, to the point of be more liked in the US than in the UK.

according to the newspaper EXPRESS UKthe author Clive Irving expressed that «Harry and Meghan are much more popular in the United States because they are a very modern couple and deal with modern themes.«, “Both are involved in issues that really matter, but Harry, in particular, pays close attention to caring for ex-servicemen who have suffered various stresses.«, For this reason you take them more into account in the American country.

The author commented that as time goes by, he would not know how much the popularity of this couple will increase, since they are always involved in important current issues.