He prince harryand his wife, the American actress Meghan Markle, they are suffering serious consequences as a result of their recent controversies towards the British crown.

He duke of sussex began what would be a deadly attack on the British family, when he decided to withdraw from his obligations as a royal member, in order to be with his wife, who from the first moment was not fully admitted into the family.

Product of the royal family’s rejection of Meghan Marklethe prince made the determination to publish secrets that should only be discussed behind closed doors in the palaces of royalty.

However, the prince did not quantify what the consequences of his actions would be in the long term. And he continued his “revenge” by declaring against his brother the prince williamlikewise against his father the King Charles III and his wife, whom he refers to as a “villainous stepmother.”

But now, two months after his controversial statements, in Netflix and “Spare«, The Dukes of Sussex are experiencing the results of their statements. The popularity of the married couple has dropped considerably, to the point of creating a negative image of the firstborn of the Princess Diana.

and although Meghan Markle It has not been completely immersed in controversy, the people describe it as controversial, denying its presence in various special events.