The prince harry Y Meghan Markle have been embroiled in controversy yet again after it emerged they may have infiltrated a photographer in the Buckingham Palace.

The first trailer for his series, which will air on netflix this week According to some international media, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex they had no right to take the photo, let alone distribute it without first informing the British royal family.

Several photos of the couple were shown before their series, but one in particular caught the eye, as they were in the Buckingham Palace at the time and the British newspaper reports that the photo, in which Meghan Y Harry they are holding hands and facing away, it was taken without the consent of the royal authorities.

The Telegraph reported that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex broke royal protocol by bringing a photographer to the scene, and palace aides even wrote a complaint reporting the photographer’s presence.

The first few seconds of the trailer that dropped last Thursday showed what appeared to be a photo of the prince harry Y Meghan Markle on his farewell tour and judging by the characteristics, the place is undoubtedly the Buckingham Palace.

A source told The Telegraph that they were surprised to see the photographer, since they usually need permission to film the places they enter, in addition, the experts confirmed that none of them sought the consent of the Queen isabel II because they knew that he would reject the request, so they decided to ignore his authority.

the website of Royal Collection Trustwhich provides information on royal history and tours, says that photography or filming in Buckingham Palace rooms is prohibited and they also added that there is a section emphasizing that parties wishing to use records for commercial purposes must submit a request by written.

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