In recent weeks, the prince harry and Meghan Markle They have been very busy, since after the return of the Duke of Sussex to his home in Montecitohave resumed their social work in USA sharing with children and young people about the importance of mental health and the danger that social networks can bring if used properly.

Last May 16the Dukes of Sussex have been involved in a catastrophic persecution as described by Prince Harry, since after Meghan Markle was awarded the prize “women of vision” held in the city of New YorkAlthough the gala was held successfully, the problem began when the dukes of sussex They were returning to their place of stay, at that moment it was where they were cornered and persecuted by countless paparazzi who were looking for a simple photo.

Although Prince Harry and Meghan Markle confess that it was a very traumatic experience that happened on that day, both dukes are amazed that they did not receive support from the USA and also because of the comments that some media have after the catastrophic persecution, since according to the New York police reports the persecution was not that bad and there were no collisions, injuries or arrests as described by the duke of sussex.

Many believe the accounts of the Dukes of Sussex are a farce or a simple trick, because in the streets of New York it is impossible to carry out a type of persecution as they describe it, since in that city in the United States it is almost certain that You cannot go at high speeds in the streets or carry out some maneuvers due to so much road chaos that exists.