According to several reports that have been made of the marriage between the prince harry and Meghan Markle, It has been revealed that the couple is going through a strong economic crisis, which is leading them to seek new and desperate income that allows them to continue subsisting in the USA.

The Dukes of Sussex are bankrupt, the luxuries that are afforded in the United States have made the fortune of the youngest son of the deceased Princess Diana, has completely vanished. After this, there are already several new versions about what is happening in the marriage.

Both Harry and Meghan are desperately looking for new contracts, having run out of all the money they had from their documentary series in Netflix and the book of memories Spare of the Prince.

The British biographer Tom Bower is the one who has been in charge of breaking the news, where he also assured the medium Express that the couple spends a lot of money, even much more than they produce to maintain their luxurious and distinguished lifestyle, so they are in serious financial trouble right now.

“She imagined that Prince Harry would have hundreds of millions if not billions, and right now they are in a bind. She wants to get on cigars Cadillacs and have private jets at your service all the time. Right now they are desperately raising money for those kinds of expenses,” the author said.

So far, it is not known if the prince harry and Meghan Markle They will choose to return to live United Kingdom. But what is known for sure is that its popularity in the United States is very precarious.