He prince harry and his wife Meghan Markle in the next events of the British Crown they could be expelled, due to their constant polemics without just cause towards the royal family.

The royal family and the closest members of the Dukes of Sussex have been affected for more than 2 months by the revolutionary secrets that Prince Harry uncovered in his book «Spare«, as well as in the series of Netflix which he carried out in the company of his wife, and which was titled «harry and meghan«.

The couple decided to proceed with the attacks on their relatives, apparently out of revenge, after suffering from racist criticism made by the monarchy, upon learning of the relationship between a member of royalty and an American actress. And although it is a fact that Dukes of Sussex will attend the coronation of King Charles IIIit could be his last appearance.

Only by supporting his father and father-in-law could they show that they feel some appreciation for him, and demonstrate their credibility on the most important day of his life, but thanks to their polemics there would be no more chance.

«Prince Harry and Meghan are at real risk of losing America entirely, and South Park is just the latest in a long line of American newspapers and TV shows mocking them.“said the author Natalie Oliveriadding that they could be cruelly turned away from any British event.

For now, the dukes have no choice but to wait, and try to apologize to those who see fit for their crazy act.