The plans of the prince harry around his revenge against the Royal family, are still completely intact. So now, and according to various English media, the Duke of Sussex and husband of Meghan Markle plans to ruin the historic coronation of his father, the King Carlos III, as the new King of United Kingdom.

King Carlos III will be officially crowning himself as the new King UK next May. However, his youngest son has some plans to ruin this historic ceremony in his country, which has not been celebrated for more than 70 years.

Prince Harry he wants to ignore all kinds of invitations from his father and the royal family to the ceremony. And on the contrary, she would be thinking of doing an interview that same day, where he will declare other injustices that are experienced in the Buckingham Palace.

The middle page six had previously stated that the Duke of Sussex had placed some conditions on attending the ceremony:

“Harry has made it clear that he has certain conditions before accepting any invitation. It’s always possible to reconcile if both parties are willing to do so… but I don’t think Harry’s side will budge.”

The expert on the royal family Gareth Russell states that he is sure that Carlos III will invite Harry already Meghan Markle because, after all, they are still family and it is very important that their two children are at such an important ceremony.

“We know that King Carlos III has kept the invitation to the coronation open.”

And you, what do you think Prince Harry will finally do?