January 6, 2023, 08:01 – Public News Service – OSN

British Prince Harry made a confession that during his military service in Afghanistan personally killed 25 people. It is reported by the Sky News channel with reference to an excerpt from his book Spare (“Spare”).

“I could always tell exactly how many enemy combatants I killed… So my number is 25,” he wrote. “It didn’t fill me with satisfaction, but I didn’t feel ashamed either.”

Recall that Harry served two terms in Afghanistan. The release of the memoirs is scheduled for January 10.

Formerly Public News Service wrotethat dozens of private Afghan universities began to close after the Taliban* government passed laws prohibiting women in the country from studying at universities and other educational institutions.

Meanwhile, USA bear responsibility for what happened and is happening in Afghanistan. This statement was made by the former president of the Central Asian country Hamid Karzai. He stressed that it was for this reason that he called the government of the Taliban that came to power * “brothers”, despite the fact that the militants of the movement always considered him an enemy.

* the organization is banned and considered a terrorist organization in Russia