With only a few days to go before the coronation, the prince harry returns to controversy, this time he would have been signaling his older brother to accept money for cover up a phone hack, as reported by a well-known information website.

Prince Harry claimed that Murdoch’s newspapers paid a lot of money to appease Prince William’s complaint about the alleged hack. According to various European newspapers such as ‘The reason‘ of Spain, this accusation was made within the legal framework that the youngest son of King Carlos III currently has with the publishing house of News Group Newspapers.

Harry would have declared before him London High Court of Justicethat Prince William would have received a large sum of money from the famous media association of the billionaire rupert murdoch so that it would not come to light of the previous “hacks” that these newspapers would have made to their personal mobile phones.

Harry recounts that he had the support of his older brother at the beginning of the judicial process that his lawyers initiated against the prestigious publishers in question, on the serious filtration Of privacy. She even said that the now deceased Queen isabel II granted him permission to pursue the lawsuits against Murdoch.

These statements are found stipulated in a 31-page brief, which was made public in response to NGN’s attempt to prevent his claims from going to trial, and his brother, Prince William, settling the NGN’s claim supposedly for money.

Prince Harry’s recent visit to the United Kingdom has left much to talk about, and now, with these statements about his older brother, the Duke of Sussex is moving further and further away from being able to agree on a prompt reconciliation with the royal family.