He prince archieeldest son of Prince Harry, was ignored on his fourth birthday, after the coronation of his grandfather, the King Charles III and Queen Camilla Parker, a celebration in which it was hoped that no one would take center stage.

He prince harry she attended the coronation of her father and stepmother, whom she cataloged in her book “Spare” as an “evil woman”, in order to witness the event and accompany her father on this great day. However, after the ceremony was over she quickly traveled to USA where he currently lives with his wife and two small children, to celebrate the birthday of his son, Prince Archie.

Although Meghan Markle He had a party prepared for his son to which he invited several celebrities and close family, Prince Harry had confirmed that he needed to be there to celebrate his son’s life and not let the day go by in vain.

And although it was a very special day for the youngest of 4 years, neither the media nor the royal house mentioned the minor’s birthday last Saturday.

It is stated that no event could be above the coronation and for this reason there was possibly not much reference to the day to pay special attention to the coronation of the new monarchs of the United Kingdom, Carlos III and Camilla Parker.