He prince andrew is causing concern within the British royal family after flatly refusing to vacate the property he currently inhabits in Windsor, which could cause serious problems for the coronation of the King Charles III.

As reported by the newspaperthe sun”, the younger brother of the monarch has been thrown out of Windsor, but he has refused to leave and his attitude is being considered as “selfishby a real expert.

He prince andrew has told friends that he cannot afford to keep up his Windsor mansion as his older brother has slashed his pension, raising concerns that his behavior could threaten King Charles’s coronation, which is just a few moments away. weeks to come true.

The real finance expert, Norman Bakerhas said that:

He prince andrew You should start living within your means instead of waiting for other people to subsidize your lavish lifestyle. If you cannot pay the commercial rent for the property with your own money, you must be evicted and relocated to a much smaller place. He thinks he can shamelessly get himself out of the bad situation he created by threatening, but he’s playing with fire..

Currently, Prince Andrew lives in the Royal Lodge of Windsor with his ex-wife Sarah Fergusonbut it is believed that the couple is distraught by the eviction order they have received, so they will be forced to move into the house of Fergiea £5 million property, located near the home of Jeffrey Epstein in London.

The situation of prince andrew has created quite a stir in the UK as his presence in Windsor is being seen as a threat to the royal family and the coronation of the king charles. The British royal house has not made official comments on the matter, but it is expected that they will take steps to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.