He prince andrew It has been in the news in recent weeks after it was revealed that he has requested “asylum” at his ex-wife’s house, Sarah Fergusondue to the reduction of his annual pension by his older brother, the King Charles III.

According to newspaper reportsthe sun”, the couple will have to leave the Royal Lodge in Windsor due to high maintenance costs and after the reduction of the pension, they can no longer pay maintenance on the property.

Sarah Ferguson’s home, located near the late billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s former mansion, is valued at £5m and has begun undergoing repairs in recent weeks, suggesting the couple are planning to move there soon.

The news has generated controversy, as some media suggest that the King Charles III he would have forced his brother to leave Windsor Castle along with his ex-wife to get rid of him and start cleaning up his image, after the prince andrew was involved in the deceased’s case Jeffrey Epstein.

Recent citizen surveys have found that people do not approve of Prince Andrew’s involvement in the royal family, making the news even more controversial. However, at the moment it is not known what the future of Prince Andrew will be and if his financial situation will improve and in what way he could do it.