The prince andrew wanted to share a little time with the public at Christmas, when out of nowhere he addressed a crowd of people who were frozen with cold, as he was leaving the services in sandringham and gave them some unusual tips on how to stay warm during the winter season. cold.

The Duke of York surprised the crowd at sandringham after attending a Christmas service, as no one was expected to meet the royal family after they Charles III became king, as reported by the newspaper the sun.

It all happened when he prince andrew approached a 62-year-old woman named Andy and asked him if his feet were cold, this because it was very cold in England on the morning of December 25.

She replied:

I have them frozen.

It was there when the son of the deceased Queen Isabel turned to the 62-year-old woman to offer some slightly odd advice.

Do you know that the trick is to bring the newspaper? You stand on the newspaper and isolate your feet.

The woman was shocked and thanked the Duke of York before leaving, but she and others who listened to Prince Andrew’s advice were impressed by the compassion and kindness he shows.

One of the witnesses said:

It was all very strange prince andrew he stopped in front of us and gave us the weirdest tips on how to stay warm. I don’t think the lady is going to test her theory any time soon.