Prilepin recalled a meeting with the perpetrator of the assassination attempt the day before the explosion

Russian writer Zakhar (Evgeniy) Prilepin recalled that he met with the perpetrator of the assassination attempt – Alexander Permyakov (included in the list of extremists and terrorists) – the day before the explosion. He said this in an interview with a journalist Ksenia Sobchakvideo of the conversation published on her YouTube-channel.

According to Prilepin, he met Permyakov on May 5, 2023, while walking with his daughter in the forest.

“On the fifth, I saw this man, met him in the forest (…) My daughter and I were walking through the forest, and a stranger comes towards us. Two things surprised me (…) – he sharply turned into the forest (…), this sudden movement, as if the person recognized me personally,” the writer said.

Prilepin noted that at that time he did not attach much importance to Permyakov’s behavior, suggesting that he might have been afraid of the large dogs accompanying the writer. However, the second detail in Permyakov’s behavior alarmed him more – the empty backpack that the future perpetrator of the assassination attempt had on his back.

And I fell silent, as if I had been pierced into consciousness (…) If this is some person who came after my soul, if I run after him, he can shoot me right now

Zakhar Prilepin

Recalling the assassination attempt itself, Prilepin said that he was saved by a miracle – Permyakov had no experience in handling explosives, and made mistakes when laying anti-tank mines on the road.

The explosion of the Audi Q7 car in which Prilepin was located occurred on May 6 near the village of Pionerskoye Nizhny Novgorod region, located approximately 30 kilometers from the city of Bor. According to preliminary data, the explosive device was installed under the bottom of the car. Investigative Committee of Russia classified the incident as a terrorist attack. In June writer statedthat after the amendment he will return to service in Russian Guard.

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