Fish, meat, koen, but also drugstores, in the shop of the Russian supermarket Mere buy it in the northern part of Cheb and the central part of Pbrami.

fresh pastries, vegetables, fruits or cheese. Like Russian food. The country, where the chain operated, received sanctions in Russia as a result of the invasion, including a limited boycott of food.

The biggest draw of the Mere supermarket is very low prices, and the Czech customer, especially in the day inflan dob, sly. The supermarket is not available for one week.

The way Mere offers the goods at the store, the Czech customer reminds them of the time of discount discounts like you Plus. Most of the goods at the store are for paletch or are stored in boxes. The refrigerated products are located in a large room that serves as a refrigerator lined with freezer boxes.

It was no different at the nvtv Pbramsk store Mere on the arrest of May. Around nine o’clock in the morning, parking was half-empty and about ten customers, seniors, were shopping inside the store. Their coca contained only a few items.

The most suitable items in Mere are, for example, German work utensils, kitchen towels, but also various fish specialties or large-volume packaged horses.

The menu includes cheap meat products, sausages and chicken, but the content of meat found in them is very low. Drugstores from Germany and France are well placed. For example, Adidas and Palmolive shower gels are also much cheaper than in other chains.

According to the addressed customers, the main prices for beer buyers are. The most interesting are the prices, let’s go here once a week, said a man who bought several items that day.

The fact that the Russian trade is very bad for many customers. It should bother me, said one of the customers, adding that she visited the store for the first time and mainly out of curiosity.

Etzec Mere is a part of the Russian company Svetofor, which was founded in 2009 and is now owned by Sergei and Andrei Schneider from Sibia. It is one of the largest discounts on the Russian market.

The first branch outside Russia was opened in Romania. At present, this chain has branches in Germany, Austria, Spain, France, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and the Czech Republic. Before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Mere opened a new store in Cheb.