Prices for the construction of country houses predicted to increase

There is a risk that prices for the construction of country houses in Russia will jump due to growing demand for them. This rise in price was predicted by a financial consultant Anna Larina in conversation with “Izvestia”.

The expert explained that a similar situation was observed in the segment of new buildings after the launch of preferential mortgages in 2020 – since then, the cost per square meter has increased 1.6 times. In addition, since the beginning of this year it has risen by approximately five percent for new apartments and 12 percent for finished apartments. In addition, according to the data Rosstatthe average price for “primary” in 2022 increased by 21 percent, and for “secondary” – by 11.8 percent.

In November became knownthat in 2023 Russians rushed to take out mortgages on country houses – from January to October Sber issued 178 thousand loans for the purchase and construction of such housing.

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