This year, prices for holidays in Bulgaria in the summer season will increase by 15% -20%.

According to, this year the prices for vacations in Bulgaria during the summer season will increase by 15%-20%. The reason for this is the sharp increase in electricity bills for basic products. Restaurateurs explain that they are in a situation where, on the one hand, they are afraid of losing their customers, and on the other hand, they can lose their business if they do not make the right calculations.

Electricity bills are three times higher than last summer, restaurateurs explain.

There has been a surge in all major products, forcing businesses to raise prices in order to survive.

“We strive to keep the increase as small as possible and tolerable for the customers, because they are the most important thing for us, and without customers there will be no season,” said Ivaylo Zlatev, the restaurant manager.

At last year’s prices, restaurateurs will practically work at a loss. The competition is who will increase them less.

In a nice restaurant on the banks of the Kamchia River, not far from the beach, a classic combination is worth:
— Fried sprat — 7 leva;
– Portion of french fries – 5 leva;
– draft beer – 3 levs;

Thus, your bill for a very modest lunch will be 15 levs. by the way, we note that if you cook all this at home, then this food will cost you no more than 5 leva.

A little more expensive on the waterfront in Varna, where sprats are offered at an average of 10 levs per serving. Fried horse mackerel costs 13-15 leva, whole fried sea bass is offered for about 25, and turbot – from 30 to 40 leva.

“We start this season rather uncertainly. Unfortunately, the price increase is from 15% to 20%. As I can say here, the prices of products have risen many times. And, despite our reluctance to raise prices, this cannot but happen, we had to do it, ”says Zornitsa Vasilyeva, the restaurant manager.

There are many unknowns in the industry before the start of the summer season, and the war in Ukraine is one of them. In addition, there are fears of a new jump in inflation, which will force them to raise prices again.

This summer, the native Black Sea coast will probably have the bulk of domestic tourists, given that there will definitely not be tourists from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Although we should not forget about the refugees from Ukraine. Among them there are those who are willing to pay not only for their accommodation, but also for meals.

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