The football future of Cristiano Ronaldo it is very uncertain. Recent statements by the President of the Al Nassr, league team Saudi Arabia where the Portuguese currently plays, Musalli al-Muammar, He launched a harsh criticism of the performance that the popular athlete has done so far on his team.

The performance of ronaldo in Al-Nassr it has not been impressive. At least that’s how his boss has let it be known, who in a recent interview with a half Arabic, He did not hesitate to throw a hard dart at what the 38-year-old has done so far in the team.

“I have only been cheated twice in my life. The first was when I asked for 3 kebabs and they only gave me 2. The second was to sign Cristiano Ronaldo,” Al-Muammar told the outlet. ‘Arabian News50’.

The great annoyance on the part of Al-Muammar, It is because they spent 200 million dollars for the signing of the former player of the Real Madrid F.C., and so far he has accumulated almost 300 minutes in which he has not been able to score a single goal.

Adding to this, the team has been eliminated in the semifinals of the National Soccer Cup of Saudi Arabia, despite the fact that it was expected that with the presence of the Portuguese, the team managed to take the cup.

Al-Nassr was defeated in the semifinal of the Copa del Rey Saudi Champions League 1-0 against al wahda, team that ended up playing with one player less from minute 53. However, that was not an impediment to overcome the Portuguese team.

In the last hours, it has been speculating that Cristiano Ronaldo I would be giving up Al-Nassr. However, that information has not yet been confirmed.