Presenter “Let’s get married!” spoke about the conflict with the popular comedian

Russian matchmaker and host of the “Let’s Get Married!” program on Channel One Rosa Syabitovawho took part in the program “Will Show” on TNT, accused its host Ilya Sobolev in unprofessionalism. Her words were quoted by the presenter and gymnast Laysan Utyasheva in his Telegram-channel.

Syabitov’s story about the conflict that occurred between her and Sobolev in release show on November 12th. So, Syabitova compared Sobolev with an artist Yuri Nikulin, who she says achieved success faster than the comedian did in the same years. “You sit here and meow behind my back. And Nikulin (…) has already become famous throughout the world, and a favorite. Who knows you? Who knows you? – she turned to Sobolev.

The host of the show saw in the matchmaker’s words a disdainful attitude towards him as a comedian. He stated that, unlike Syabitova, he communicated with respect. The comedian emphasized that the matchmaker was “carrying to the wrong place.”

The TV presenter said that she had no conflict with Sobolev, despite the fact that he tried to start one. “The position of ‘I can do anything on this show’ is not professional and does not work with me,” Syabitova assured. She also compared the comedian’s behavior to the behavior of a pigeon that “takes a shit and flies away,” and said that she stopped paying attention to his statements during the program.

Previously Syabitova explainedwhy comedian Timur Batrudinov still alone. According to her, his colleague has a bad influence on him Garik Kharlamov. She recommended that the comedians not communicate in order to arrange Batrudinov’s personal life.

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