January 4, 2023, 04:23 – Public News Service – OSN

Russian presenter and journalist Alexander Gordon For more than 40 days he did not appear on the air of Channel One, and his fans are concerned about such a disappearance. Writes about it “Informing”.

So, the audience noticed that the last time the famous TV presenter appeared in the program “Time will tell” on November 23, 2022. After that, Gordon’s heading appeared in the program several more times, but with a different host, and then disappeared altogether.

It is noted that official comments on this change have not been made.

Alexander Gordon is often distinguished by harsh statements on the air of the program “Male / Female” on Channel One. Including the presenter does not lose the opportunity to let go of barbs in the direction of his colleague Yulia Baranovskaya. One such incident occurred during the last release of the program.

So, during the program, Gordon said that Baranovskaya strongly reminded him of some character all these years. In the television studio, the star had an insight and he remembered the monkey from the popular conscientious cartoon. More about it read in material Public news service.