Preparations for the production of Checkmate fighters have begun in Russia. What are the advantages of fifth generation aircraft?

IN Russia Preparations have begun for the production of the first samples of light fighters of the fifth generation Checkmate. About it reported V state corporation “Rostec” ahead of the Dubai Airshow 2023.

The agency’s interlocutor explained that the project was presented in 2021, but based on the work carried out, changes were made to it, which also adjusted the timing of the first flight. As a result, it was possible to adjust the cost of the project and individual technical solutions of the fighter. Now, he assured, the design documentation has already been transferred to the manufacturing plant.

Checkmate is a continuation of the fifth generation fighter program

Light tactical aircraft (LTS) Checkmate (“Checkmate”) is a Russian fifth-generation stealth multirole fighter that is being developed as an export project. A distinctive feature of LTS is the ability to adapt it to the needs of the customer. In Russia, Checkmate is seen as an alternative to the fighter released in 2010 Su-57. Since the Checkmate is being created on the basis of the Su-57, it is expected to have unification with the latter in both avionics and weapons.

The main competitors of the new fifth-generation Russian aircraft will be French (Rafale) and Swedish (Gripen) fourth-generation fighters, as well as an American aircraft F-35. Unlike Western aircraft, the cost of which is estimated at 60-90 million dollars, a Russian fighter will cost foreign customers several times less – 25-30 million. Checkmate developers are confident that the demand for the new fighter on the international market will be 300 aircraft over 15 years. The leading buyers of the fighter may be Arab countries, India and states of Southeast Asia.

Previously reportedwhat in United Aircraft Corporation are working on the creation of three new modifications of the promising light tactical aircraft Checkmate. We were talking about single, double and unmanned versions.

Today there are only two fifth-generation fighters in the world

There are currently only two fifth-generation fighters in the world. In addition to the Russian Su-57, this is the American F-35A Lightning II. Both aircraft differ from their predecessors in stealth, speed and maneuverability. In addition, fighters are capable of independently controlling the battle, with minimal participation from the pilot.

The American F-35 is already in service with a number of countries. Now it’s uses Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in strikes against Palestinian militants Hamas movement. Israeli F-35Is differ from the basic version of the aircraft by the presence of on-board equipment of their own production.

The Su-57 is undergoing combat testing in the zone of a special military operation on Ukraine. Also designed for it was the S-70 Okhotnik attack drone, capable of carrying guided missiles, as well as guided and free-falling bombs and coordinating its actions with the leading Su-57. According to the head of the department of political analysis and socio-psychological processes of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, retired colonel Andrey Koshkinthe vehicle turned out to be a worthy replacement for a heavy fighter in the Aerospace Forces Su-27.

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