Evaluna Montaner and her husband Camilo they are happier than ever. Pregnancy has brought them full happiness that they share with their followers on social networks and especially on Instagram, where Evaluna has more than 18.6 million followers and Camilo more than 24.8 million.

On these occasions, Camilo was the one who published the beautiful moment that unleashed the comments of his loyal fans. In the video, the beautiful couple is seen dancing to Camilo’s new song, called “Nightmare”. Evaluna, who is wearing a costume that highlights her pregnancy, looks radiant as she dances with her husband to this fun theme. She jumps and moves without any complications

In this sense, after the singer’s most recent song, Camilo and Evaluna Montaner took advantage of their popularity on social networks to viralize the song on TikTok and Instagram. In a recent video published by the artist, both are seen dancing, and he asked his followers to follow this new viral challenge, following the steps he shows with his wife

In his post, Camilo wrote: “Luckily it was all a Nightmare! I want to see them dancing with their friends, with their cousins, with their aunts… ”. With this invitation, the singer and Evaluna Montaner claim to be viral once again, and that their fans promote another of their songs on all social networks.