The councilors of the fifth Prague district reached the decision on Monday. They terminated the contract with the Progressive organization, after which it should move out of the building in Mahenova Street within six months.

According to the Progressiv staff, it was primarily an initiative of the mayor of Prague 5, Renáta Zajíčková. She previously told Expres that Anděl is overrun with drug addicts as a result of the fact that there are two out of three contact centers in Prague nearby, the third is near the main station and there are no others, although there should be one for every hundred thousand inhabitants.

“Ms. Zajíčková claims that she wants to solve the problem of drug addicts and that there should be more contact centers, but then she pushes for our contact center to be abolished. The ODS generally declares how it wants to solve it, but it has a strange attitude towards it,” a Progressive employee told us on the spot.

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