Deputy Governor of the Rostov Region – Minister of Transport Vladimir Okunev held a meeting at which issues related to the repair of roads were discussed. Taganrog was named among the municipalities where work to eliminate potholes was not carried out enough.

  • The Governor of the Rostov region has set the task for the municipalities to eliminate by May 1 all the potholes formed during the winter period. However, not all municipalities have coped with this task, – said Vladimir Okunev. “Moreover, many have eliminated road surface defects only on paper, but in reality the situation does not look at all as rosy as in the reports presented.

The head of the regional Ministry of Transport stressed that when reporting on the elimination of pavement defects identified in January-February of this year, many people forget to take into account the newly formed potholes that appeared on the roads much later, in March and April. The Deputy Governor also noted that the quality of the work performed leaves much to be desired.

Among the municipalities whose work on the repair and maintenance of roads, Vladimir Okunev called insufficient, are Azov, Veselovsky, Zimovnikovsky, Kasharsky, Oblivsky, Peschanokopsky, Milyutinsky, Rodionovo-Nesvetaisky, Kamensky and Belokalitvinsky districts, the cities of Gukovo, Bataysk, Novoshakhtinsk, Novocherkassk, Taganrog, Volgodonsk.

Speaking about regional and intermunicipal roads, the minister noted the inadequate condition of certain sections of the Azov-Yeisk, Shakhty-Tsimlyansk, Rostov-Semikarakorsk-Volgodonsk and Novocherkassk-Bagaevskaya highways.

Summing up the results of the meeting, Vladimir Okunev recommended that representatives of local governments strengthen control over the repair and maintenance of roads, as well as work out a system for the rational use of road funds at the disposal of municipalities.

Earlier we reported that at the M-4 Don sections, temporary traffic pattern.



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