Martial law extended in Ukraine general mobilization until February 19, 2023. Men liable for military service between the ages of 18 and 60 are subject to mobilization. Some men have the right to deferment from mobilization, but not always can use it. Lawyer Anastasia Ivanchenko explained what needs to be done if the military enlistment office does not accept documents from those who have a deferment, writes Telegraph.

Ivanchenko noted that there are cases when military registration and enlistment offices create barriers for recruits and do not allow them to exercise their right to deferment.

The expert emphasized that in her practice there were cases when the military registration and enlistment office:

  • refused to accept documents confirming the declaration of deferment from the person liable for military service;
  • accepted, but refused to mark acceptance;
  • accepted, but refused to issue a certificate in the hands of a person liable for military service;
  • required to provide documents that are not needed to obtain a deferment.

She explained that in most cases, the territorial recruitment centers (TCCs) completely ignore the provision of the law on mobilization, which gives a deferment to a person liable for military service if there is a spouse with a disability.

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According to her, the most effective way to solve such problems is to contact a lawyer.

“When a lawyer approaches the military registration and enlistment office in favor of a person liable for military service, this motivates the employees of the military registration and enlistment office to respond more quickly to violations of the rights of military personnel and, accordingly, respond to the elimination of such violations,” she concluded.

It should be noted that all of the above does not apply to illegal methods of evading mobilization. Ukraine provides criminal liability for draft evasion. What it threatens – experts of the Association of Lawyers of Ukraine explained.