Postmen of the Ryazan region can deliver new social benefits for children to their homes

From May 1, 2022, low-income families can apply for new social benefits for children aged 8 to 17. People who are approved for payments will be able to receive them directly at home – the money will be delivered by postmen.

You can apply for a monthly cash payment through the public services portal, the MFC or the Pension Fund. To receive money at home, you must select the method of receiving it via the Post in the application for payment and indicate “with home delivery.” This service is free and is especially relevant for residents of rural areas where there is no access to ATMs.

In addition to this allowance, postmen deliver other social benefits, including pensions, to their homes. Postal employees deliver money to your home on time. The recipient does not need to go to a bank branch or look for an ATM. This service is especially important for people with limited mobility in the Ryazan region. These are mainly the elderly and those who experience mobility difficulties due to health restrictions.

97.1% of Postal customers from the Ryazan region prefer to receive pensions at home with the help of postmen. The remaining 2.9% receive pensions and social benefits from post offices.

When serving at home, Postal customers can also receive other services. With the help of a mobile postal cash terminal, the postman can accept payment for utilities, communication services, taxes, traffic police fines, loans, state duties. As well as arrange insurance and subscription to periodicals. You can also leave a request to the postman for the delivery of the necessary goods from the range of post offices.

Russian Post strictly controls the timing and quality of delivery. To receive a pension and social benefits at the place of residence, it is enough for a pensioner to write a corresponding application to the territorial body of the Pension Fund. Opening a bank account is not required for this. Postmen bring cash benefits along with payment documents. When changing the address, it is enough for the recipient to send a notification to the territorial department of the Pension Fund with the new address of actual residence. The postman or head of the post office can help fill out the application form. Such a document shall be sent to the Pension Fund by registered mail.