Last week, the European Parliament was to decide on the future of not only Czech industrial companies. However, its deputies postponed the vote on the green package in the framework of the Fit for 55 program in the autumn because they could not agree. Drastick snen CO emissions2 in industry and transport by 2030.

There are two litters. A hardship that wants to accelerate dream CO emissions2, and mk, in nm industry shows what to do doke pet. One of the possibilities is the use of vodka, especially in energy. Jan Czudek, CEO of Tineckch Elezren and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Steel Union, talks about the impact of the proposed een on the local industry.

In the European Parliament, the full change in emissions trading has not yet taken place, even within the Fit for 55 package. What does this mean for all as steel?
Basically, two variants were decided. One pedloil industry, the other a group of deputies who are quite detached from reality. I would not be afraid that this is proof of ignoring the basic physical contexts. The rewriting of the rules, both in emission permits and in other ways, means that our grandchildren in the caves could be thankful in the first year, as it was when you fought for the Green Agreement with Greenpeace.

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