He regularly swept parties and had a reputation for irreparable flamenco. But Adam Mišík (25) obviously does not take lightly the preparation for a boxing match under the Clash of the Stars organization. Not only did he chop with alcohol and wild parties, but he also regularly rubs in the gym! The porn king and boxing coach Robert Rosenberg (47) also puts it into his body. Mišík smirked at his art!

It’s June 25th Adam Mišík cuts the premiere boxing match under a recently formed organization Clash of the Stars. His opponent will be rapper Vercetti, who recently fought a balanced MMA battle with influencer Mark “Datl” Valášek.

“I do (Vercetti, ed. Note) I respect as a musician and artist, I have no resentment against him at all. I take it purely sports. I want to try it, experience the adrenaline, but then I’ll probably leave it to the pros. I will return to what I do best. When I do something, I do it right, ” he recently told Expres Mišík, who also promised to burn wild parties and not drink alcohol during the preparation.

The young singer is still keeping his promises. At the Anděl Awards ceremony, unlike his colleagues, he only sucked on a coke and now boasted on his instagram profile of his gym.

Adam Mišík makes a hard run.

First, Mišík showed the fans how much he raises on the bench-press, and then he published a joint photo with the most famous Czech porn actor Robert Rosenberg.

Rosenberg currently makes a living as a boxing coach at the club, where Mišík works daily.

“I wish as an actor I would receive as many international awards as Master Rosenberg,” wrote Mišík for a film with a Czech porn king.

Mišík maká also with Robert Rosenberg.

He started boxing because of the series, according to the stakes he is an outsider

Mišík has been playing boxing with breaks since 2017, when he was preparing for the role of a young boxer in the series The First Republic. He also went to training MMA wrestler Matúš Juráček, who belongs to the well-known faces of the Oktagon organization.

Even though Mišík has significantly more experience with boxing than his opponent, according to the bookmakers he is still an outsider.

One of the reasons will probably be the decent performance of rapper Vercetti in a three-round MMA battle with youtuber Datl. Although Valášek won the January match for points, the tattooed musician surprised everyone with his heart as a warrior.