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Poplavskaya called Pugacheva a liar after her post about “sacrifices in the name of the people”

Actress and public figure Yana Poplavskaya responded to the statement of singer Alla Pugacheva that she “sacrificed her health and personal life for half a century” for the sake of the happiness of the audience.

In her Telegram channel, Poplavskaya wrote that “lies are a very sticky thing.” She noted that “some liars experience memory aberrations.”

According to the author of the post, the Diva’s entire life “was built on the sometimes shameless and ugly demonstration of her personal life.” She asked the singer not to try to convince the Russians now. “The songs she sang were not written by her, they were put in her mouth,” the actress emphasized.

She called Pugacheva a person “who has already lived his life, but did not understand anything about it.” The star thought that “an army of millions of fans would love her unconditionally,” the speaker noted. “But only love for your children is unconditional,” she clarified.

Poplavskaya listed the names of artists who actually sacrifice their health and life for the sake of the people: they transport humanitarian aid to the special military operation (SVO) zone and give concerts there. For example, this is violinist Peter Lundstrem, singers Yuta and Yulia Chicherina.

But Pugacheva committed actions and made statements that the people did not accept, so Russia continues to live without her, the actress concluded.

Earlier, the Public News Service reported that singer Alla Pugacheva stocked up on professional notes for further earnings in the Russian Federation. The producer stated that “there will be enough finished and not quite finished recordings for three albums.”

Message Poplavskaya called Pugacheva a liar after her post about “sacrifices in the name of the people” appeared first on Public news service.

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