He Pope Francisco, current pontiff of the Catholic Church, spoke during his visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo about a letter he has written for his possible resignation, which he would be doing if he were to experience serious health problems.

Pope Francis has opened up a bit about his position on taking an eventual resignation as an initiative if his health were to worsen. He Argentinian stated the following:

“The resignation of the popes should not become, let’s say, a ‘fashion’, something normal.”

At this, the Dad He confirmed that he wrote a letter of resignation in case one day he has “some health problem” that prevents him from exercising his religious function.

In addition, he confirmed that he did so two months after being elected in March 2013, moment in which he became the first Latin pope in history.

The father affirmed that he gave it to the then cardinal secretary of state Tarcisio Bertone. However, he has also assured that he does not know “where this letter is.”

«I think that the Pope’s ministry is ‘ad vitam’. I see no reason why it shouldn’t. Think that the ministry of the great patriarchs is always for life. And the historical tradition is important”, assured the Pope.

And you, what do you think about the statements made by the Pope Francisco?